Waterproof coating for roofs formulated from water-based internally plastic-coated resin dispersion, featuring an unbeatable waterproofing, weather resistance and a superb elasticity.
Water-based acrylic coating designed for the protection and decoration of facades. This paint adheres to the wall like a plastic sleeve, which confers its weather and pollution protection features.
Elastic Coating
Acrylic paint for facades and interior decoration, providing an excellent resistant to adverse environmental conditions - heavy rain, intense winds, extreme temperatures...
Water-based acrylic paint designed for the protection and decoration of facades. Whiteness, density and an astonishing coverage are its main features.
Special Silk
Water-based acrylic paint intended for the protection and decoration of walls. Exterior and interior paint that can be applied in facades without any problems.
Pure Acrylic
Acrylic paint designed for facades and interior decoration.
Water-based acrylic coverage intended for protection and decoration of interior walls and facades.