Manufacturer of brushes and paintbrushes. They are mainly handcrafted and a comprehensive quality control.
Pentrilo is dedicated to manufacturing and commercializes painting tools such as rollers, mini rollers, paint brushes and materials for personnel and surfaces protection.
Xylazel is currently engaged in the manufacture and marketing of paints and varnishes, specialising in wood and metal protectors, that are aimed at the DIY, professional and industrial segments.
Alcoholes del Sur
Manufacturer and Lab of cleaner products and universal thinners.
Wide range of products like plasters, fillers, paints, cleaners, binding primers, mortars, etc.
Mixing system intended for industry and decoration even for small or medium amount of paint.
Tooling for specialized paint works such as Venetian stucco, and professional accessories for high-end décor..
Sifa Europa
Sifa Europa is dedicated to the distribution of paint-related products, and they are specialized in all kind of tapes, like Krepp tape.
Baixens is a leading manufacturer of building solutions for the renovation and decoration of interior and exterior surfaces.